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Κυριακή, 25 Οκτωβρίου 2009
Heartbreak.. -sigh-

R people that mean or r we so highly emotional and weak?
Maybe both >>

How come, when I put myself in every single one of the persons that have hurt me in the past, I can't do half of what they did?
Am I too sensitive or r they too mean?

Should I start getting worried? Maybe..
Should I change my perspective? Definitely!
Should I still remember and miss them? NO.
Should I remember just the good times I had with them? Depends..
Should I forget them completely? Some of them YES.
Should I feel stronger now? YES.
Should I reconsider If they come back begging? NO.
Should I waste my time thinking of what I did right or not? NO.
Should I care? Yes. It's natural..just put some limits on that.
Should I tell someone about this? Absolutely
Should I start crying? As a way of venting YES.
Should I stop trusting people? I'm afraid not.
Should I curse them? I don't believe in stuff like that so..It's a little pointless(Make someone who believes in this shit do all the dirty work)

I'm too sleepy and the Should r endless...
MY ADVICE: Do what it takes just do it fast cause life is short and has NO feelings.

love you~ chu~

P.S.: I'm not pessimistic, I'm just heartbroken--Saying things like that makes me feel better--Venting is good remember?

Zero Negative~

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Skauld Skauksson είπε...

"Are people that mean or are we so highly emotional and weak?

Maybe both"

I would say none... People are just... you know... people...

kyoshiro είπε...

Venting is good???
I do not remember to be honest...but if my beast say so..then.. it is true...

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