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Κυριακή, 28 Φεβρουαρίου 2010

"the sea is made of our saltwater tears ,he muses.
as the man drifts into a sea lying below.
sunlight separates a path for him to swim
and the currents carry him towards the place where light hits the ocean floor.
despite its warmth these waters are forlorn to him.
he descends lower with his palms together
longing for something that he cannot wholy remember.
the further he sinks,the younger he becomes
and deeper into his memory he travels

on the bottom of the sea,
puzzling shapes and lines scater in all directions
like a treasure map.
pictures of life above water,a mountain,a cliff,a tree,
pave the surface around a young girl deep in slumber.

her face rests peacefully
as if a part of her is drifting somewhere
in another world.
from where he stands,it is all a painting to him.
a portrait of a young girl waiting patiently underwater.

his eyes follow the footprints that lead
from her body to the drawing of a single tree that stands alone.
as the sea currents push forward,he imagines the branches
blowing with the movement of water.
with his finger,he traces a ring around the tree
again and again as if it'd become real before his eyes.

without awakening her,he lies down and closes his eyes to sleep near her,
hoping to meet her there in another place,
another dream,wherever she travels to
in her sleep."


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kyoshiro είπε...

Apla latrevw afti ti banda..kai afto to video einai toso teleio..Gahh...Thelo kai allooooo...

KrizD είπε...

MONO total respect my favourite!!!!

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