Τετάρτη, 28 Απριλίου 2010
My head never rests.
I keep on seeking for answers that only i get to give in the end. O.o
No one ever dares to get involved..no one is allowed anyway.
I set the rules and no one defies them.
This is how it used to be, this is how it is and this is how it will be.

I have no idea of what is meant to be wrong or right, of what is beautiful or ugly..or what are the healthy limits of a mentally stable, creative person.
I understand people's feelings by their reactions. I understand how they think, act,judge, swear,attack, love, cry or lie. I get the drift..i just don't feel it. Somehow i managed to lock myself up and though seeing,understanding and sensing so many things..I don't fit in. They have no influence at me at all. No matter how loud they are yelling, no matter how hard they are trying to force themselves to
reach me, they can't. It's like I'm locked in a room with walls of high safety sound proofing glass. I can observe and understand them but I can't hear a thing of what they are trying to say to me..some of them fortunately know some kind of a sign language so i don't feel alone all the time..
They are the reason why i still have hope.
Not hope that will definitely lead me to some kind of redemption..just hope that i might get some moments of happiness every once in a while.

Being locked in that room is my reality. I have my own rules in here..I have my own perspective of wrong and right, of evil and good, of healthy limits and creativity. I am the judge and trust me i am a really NASTY ONE. I have a clock ticking right next to me..and when the time comes i will drown myself in here.

I DON'T HEAR YOU PEOPLE! so stop acting like retards and stop messing with my classy glass prison.
-Your bare hands can do nothing-
I am a selfish bastard and you are fucking lucky I am in here. You wouldn't want me out..not after being locked for so many years. I easily manipulate you as it is..make yourselves a favor and keep your safe distance.
Unless you have a nuclear bomb in your pocket that is capable of evaporating me, my prison and unfortunately you..don't even try coming near me. In simple words, If you're not willing to die just to kill me out of my misery,
u better enjoy your freedom along with your ignorance that makes you happy :)

At this point you must think I am a total jerk. Well I am, but so are you..and saying those things I said above, just proves how much i love and care for you.
That's right..those aren't words of hatred. Those are words of love.
I fucking adore hating you..but i can't hate you enough without loving you first..and of course I am not capable of loving you if I don't have you alive and well..so I must protect you..and the best way of protecting you
is by warning you about things that might hurt you. For example...things like..me~

In case some silly human read this and still wants to approach me..
..well...you are more than welcome :) as i said..you might be my only hope for a moment of happiness.
Who knows..maybe you will be determined enough to persuade me of letting you in and maybe showing you around my cute little prison..
Know though that this is an irreversible change and you WILL be kicked out sooner or later..and then, not being able to fit into that world you once lived..will eventually kill you :/ or drive you nuts; Either way you are screwed.

Try thinking before acting in this case.
love you all..


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Skauld Skauksson είπε...

"so I must protect you..."

Μεταξύ αστείου και σοβαρού... Δεν υπάρχει πρέπει... Τα πρέπει σου είναι η γυάλινη φυλακή σου... Για την οποία δεν έχει κανείς άλλος ευθύνη εκτός από εσένα... Αν όντως θες να βγεις μπορείς να ανοίξεις απλά την πόρτα... ;) Κι όποιος τρομάξει και φύγει, έφυγε... Κι όποιος μείνει, έμεινε... ;)

the beast/zero negative είπε...

monoi tous ta ftiaxnoun oi anthrwpoi ta prepei..
k ne ousiastika dn uparxei prepei (eime sigourh pws niwtheis mia mikrh nikh twra pou diavases authn thn protash :P)

to proanaferomeno proswpo sto keimeno ne eine profanes pws oikiothelos mphke ekei pou mphke..ontas ekei mesa oikiothelos omws h maxh tou an thelei na vgei h oxi eine duskolh.

mperdemena pramata xwris logo..mhn dineis k polu shmasia..o protagwnisths tou keimenou eine emo :D

Skauld Skauksson είπε...
Αυτό το σχόλιο αφαιρέθηκε από τον συντάκτη.
Skauld Skauksson είπε...

monoi tous ta ftiaxnoun oi an8rwpoi ta prepei <--- Ayto einai h mikrh nikh mou... ;)

... kai den 3erw gia emo... Pantws einai sigoura cute in more than one ways... :P

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