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Κυριακή, 1 Νοεμβρίου 2009
My life is on slow motion, only time passes faster..
It's like I'm stuck in a muddy path and I move so slow..making so much effort to move my feet up and down to take a step..while time is passing me by..mocking, laughing at my face for not being able to catch up with him.
And when I try to run I always end up falling down in the mud and then crawl myself up again just to continue my pointless, tiring effort to move fast in that slow motion field.

Why do I keep trying?
Cause there were times when I came so close at synchronizing that ::fast-passing time:: with my ::slow motion life:: and OH IT FELT SO FUCKING GOOD.
I felt like I was actually living each and every second of my precious time in life..

So I won't stop trying till I manage to accomplish that once and for all.


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Speedgrapher είπε...

Like most things humans strive towards or against (the future, death etc.) time in and of itself does not mock or encourage us: it is a faceless deity, lost in its own concerns and oblivious to ours. We dub it healer or killer, depending on our position inside it at any given instance but in truth, it just...is. Whether it has slowed to a muddy trudge or it speeds vertiginously like a bullet, in the end we aren't ever happy because too much of a same situation tires us. Therefore depending on the given speed we should look inside or outside for that which makes our instances seem worthwhile.

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